TOP 5 Almirah design ideas for your bedroom

TOP 5 Almirah design ideas for your bedroom

Everyone wants a special place for their clothes and a classy and luxurious  almirah with maximum storage capacity  and different cupboard and vanity boxes. We are the Best Interior designers in Gurgaon worked and satisfied our hundreds of clients with our designing and working quality. Here we have shared 5 different ideas which you can apply for the almirah designing in your bedroom. Though, you can have too many options to choose the best design layout but apart from the designing ideas there are so many things that need to be consider from the material used for the almirah to the color to be added in it, from the doors to the hinges, from the wooden almirah to the mdf, etc.

The Best Interior designers in Gurgaon or of your nearby place may have guided you with so many things for your home interior. Here, As such we have decided to help you out with this blog and guide you on everything related to the designing of the almirah. For any other doubts you can reach us directly from your phone.

1. Almirah Designs

Check these 5 basic almirah designs for your bedroom interior.

Almirah designs|Best Home Interior designer in Gurgaon

2. Doors to use

  1. The almirah designed as per the area of your room and the storage capacity you require. In designing almirah, you can choose:

    Single door almirah:

  2. This is the option when you have specific need for the clothes. You can choose single door almirah for less storage and it takes minimum space of your room.

  1. Two door almirah:

  2. Popularly, the two door almirah mostly use in every second household. This is the best option if you are looking for the medium storage and wants to add a little more free space in your room.

Sliding door:

Sliding door almirah specially use to give a classy and luxurious look to your room and it also use the minimum room space. This is the latest almirah designs for bedroom. Cupboards with these sliding doors look smooth, modern and glossy, making it a perfect choice for your home interiors.

3. Fitted almirah:

If you want an almirah for the space saving and also the stylish one then you can go for the built-in or fitted almirah, which could be the perfect option for you. Fitted almirahs have many advantages that makes them very popular. The biggest one is that these built-in almirahs can also maximize the available vertical space of your room.

4. Materials for almirah


The most common and extensively used almirah material is Wooden cupboards.It gives a warm, homey and simple look to your bedroom. In addition, These wooden cupboard can be perfectly fit with any bedroom designs and styles which makes them a go on look for most of the Bedroom Interior designs.You can choose different grains and sets of colors to suit with your bedroom.


Glass almirahs are on top for its artistic and pleasing value. These are the latest bedroom almirah designs. if you are opting for glass almirahs, it will give a stylish and elegant look top your bedroom. If you are a fashion lover with some trendy fashionable clothing items, go with this glass almirah to display them in your almirah.


MDF or medium-density fibreboard is a type of designed wood material. Wide variances in temperature and mugginess for the most part cause ordinary wood to twist. MDF, then again, is impervious to changes in the climate. In this manner, you don't need to stress over any harm to your room almirah. On the off chance that you have a straightforward and fundamental room, go for a MDF almirah with splendid highlight tones.

5. Styles of almirah

Mirror almirah:

Lofts in urban communities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore don't have a ton of space. Intrinsically, designers are coming with various new and creative approaches to save space. One such thought is to go for an almirah with a mirror. A pantry with a mirror looks exceptionally polished as well as saves space in the room.

Almirah and dressing table:

Another keen space-saving choice for your room is to pick an almirah-cum-dressing table. In the event that you have a minimized room, such an almirah configuration can assist you with capitalizing on the space accessible. You can likewise go full scale, as in the above room, by picking an almirah with a dressing table and mirror.

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