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Top Latest Modular Kitchen Design Trends 2018 | RV Dezigns

Top Latest Modular Kitchen Design Trends 2018 | RV Dezigns

Kitchen has become the hub of all home interior activities. When it comes to kitchen designing concepts designers come up with more and more ideas that are trending now. Modular kitchen designs are necessary to make any decision regarding remodeling or constructing a new modular kitchen. Hot and vibrant trending concepts are illustrated in this article to the homeowners for better understanding about modern upgraded ideas.

Trending color schemes

An all-white kitchen will give a clean appearance and looks crispy too. A white kitchen certainly has its own appeal. All though there are many colour options available for contemporary kitchen that looks fresh. The emergence of more bold colours and textures are proving its popularity in this year and are trending now. Few examples include –Barn red + sage green, Leaf green + white, Bold blue + Soft blue, Bright red + midnight black etc.

Note the variation of colors in the kitchen among the floor, cabinetry (uppers and lowers), countertops, and lighting fixture. When combined, the effect looks interesting with great visual. Clients are curiously looking for more variety of colour choices and styles. From colours to materials take the help of Best Kitchen Interior Designers in Gurgaon who can help you out with all your queries. If you try to do on your own, there are chances that things get mess up.

Pet friendly spaces in kitchen

A kitchen can be a dangerous place when it comes to pets and babies if you are not careful. The care taken to turn a kitchen a safe place for babies are more when compared to pet’s safety. They don’t have a sixth sense and can’t realize the dangerous situations, so we need to put more effort in taking care of them too. Yes, 2018 brings a trending and pet-friendly kitchen spaces. In such cases, best modular kitchen designers can help you in considering what flooring to choose for your pet’s friendly space.

Interior designers for kitchen will help you in setting up a pet feeding station. This will be usually set up in the end of a cabinet run or in the corner of kitchen. Here, you can set up pet food storage, toys for them to play and their feeding station or anything else related with pets. Kitchen island with built in a dog bed under the countertop is a trending one right now. If you have a cat you can consider aside at one corner of the kitchen where they can play until they are exhausted.

Lighting trends and concepts

Kitchen has become the central functional area of the house. In addition to this, kitchen lighting trends add flavor to it and thus ranks the kitchen as the heart of the house. Apart from meals preparation most of the activities take place in this area like, kids study here, husband and wife conversations, holiday and party gathering and many more. Such multi-tasking rooms highly demand lightings.Lighting can be both functional and decorative. Layers of light give a pretty visual look of the kitchen. The traditional line of three pendant lights, concealed LEDs, showcase lighting, zone lighting etc is trending hot now.

Lighting under cabinets and counters will change the atmosphere of the kitchen. Recessed downlighting near stove and sink gives adequate lighting for cooking and cleaning activities. Decorative pendant light with dimmer lightings effects in the kitchens dining table gives a candlelight dinner feeling.Modular kitchen company in Gurgaon can help you with top trending decorative lightings which include wrought iron, often in rust or other earth tones. They also suggest you with painted finishes, Coloured glass on pendants which are very popular, especially in contemporary settings. They also come with new ideas like Pewter and satin nickel finishes which have replaced the basic brass look these days.

Latest and leading storage ideas

When it comes to storage ideas, making clever decisions to use of space is a must. No matter how big or small is your kitchen, you should always be upgraded with new kitchen storage ideas.

Slender pull-outs:

Everyone knows how to use pull-out shelves, but only a few know how to make the best use of it. Filling those tricky areas with slender pull-outs is an effective storage idea.

Pet-friendly space with toe kick drawer:

Most of the homeowners treat their pets as one their family member. In such cases, this toe kick out drawer can be converted to its feeding station.

Kitchen dead corner storage:

If you are left out with no space in the kitchen for storage ideas, then check out for its dead corners. Yes, there are chances to make effective use of these spaces.

Cabinets into hidden wine bar:

The kitchen is a social hub when it comes to remodeling your kitchen then hidden wine bar must be on your list.

Go with your own choice of style and designs!!

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