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Modular Kitchen in India in the Present Days

Modular Kitchen Service in Gurgaon

The advancement of technology in the modern era of Industrialization has put forth drastic changes in the evolution of the kitchen room. The concept of the open kitchen is popularized in the western world during the 1980s.

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India is always famous for various food habits in various regions and also for the spices that are produced here due to the favourable conditions of agriculture. If we do a survey, then we will find that the Indians are completely unaware of the term ‘modular kitchens’ before the twenty-first century. The concept of open kitchen is popularized in the western world during the 1980s The re-innovation of the kitchen and the living area occurred hand in hand with the change in the perception of cooking, as it is nowadays is also seen as a medium of creativity and also as a hobby or a very favourite pass time for the younger generation. Many students choose cooking as a profession and the increasing numbers of hotel management institutions are the mark of this new ongoing trend.

This concept of modular kitchen is first brought up in India by a woman, named Neeti Macker, who is an MBA from Delhi. She was inspired by the concept of a modular kitchen in the abroad. The modular kitchen also allows the women of the house, who are destined to work in the households by the norms of patriarchy, to work in the kitchen in a better condition. Even though the idea of the modular kitchen is not widely known across the country, especially in the rural parts; and thus, it is most familiar with the modern urban society of the metro cities.

With the ongoing trend of breaking from the tradition of joint-families, the families are becoming a consummation of three to four members. Furthermore, as in a materialistic world, the lifestyle of people has become so expensive and competitive that all the members of every single family are running in the rat race for the survival. Therefore, it has become necessary that the kitchen should be an efficient, comfortable and pleasant place to work, which requires less time, energy and labour.

For cooking purpose, a homemaker needs specific containers to cook food in the kitchen room. And here comes the advantages of the modular kitchen as Best modern kitchen Renovation Company provides such facilities which consist of cabinets to keep needed items in one particular section. As a matter of fact, it will be more easily accessible to them.

Modular Kitchen services in Gurgaon wants to take this concept and facilities of modular kitchen one step further with the best Modular kitchen Designers.


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